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Parents Maths Evening

Wheal Busy





Accelerated Reader Class Word Count. We have read 9,574,134 words so far this year!

Our first term in Wheal Busy

Where Does My Food Go?

We began the year with the topic Where Does My Food Go? On our very first day Mrs Wheeler demonstrated how our food travels through hour digestive system and is changed so that our bodies can use the nutrients to make us healthy. We did so well at understanding this complex scientific information that we wrote explanations of the digestive system for a year 5 class at All Saints Primary School in North London. We used Movie Maker to animate our diagrams. As part of this topic we also studied teeth and food chains. The most interesting, and disgusting, party of the topic was our experiment to see how sugary drinks damage our teeth. We could not use actual teeth for this so we used eggs instead. We were shocked by how much damage was done and we did not like the smell of the eggs! Finally, we did some fantastic art work based on the work of Acrimbaldo who painted faces made up of fruit and vegetables. Some of our paintings are in the gallery below.  What do you think of our attempts?

Were the Dark ages really Dark?

Our second topic was Were the Dark ages really Dark? We learned about what happened in Britain after the Romans left and how that caused Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to invade Britain and try to take it over for themselves. We discovered that both groups settled here and we found out about their way of lifer. We were surprised to learn that although there was a lot of fighting, basic lifestyles and a lack of technology, there were actually very skilled and clever people who were able to build and craft amazing things without the use of modern machinery. Many of us concluded that the dark Ages were not that Dark after all but we would miss our tablets and computers if we had to live then! We finished this topic by re-enacting what happened when Edward the Confessor died and a new king had to be chosen. The class formed the Witan (like a council), heard why each of the kings thought they were entitled to the throne and then voted on who should be king. The majority vote was for King Harold (just as it had been in 1066)  but he was soon defeated and usurped by King William. You can see King William (or Liam as we like to call him) being crowned in the pictures after he has killed poor King Harold (Kirra).

Batteries Included

Our final topic of the term was Batteries Included. We learned how to make an electrical circuit and to use the electricity to power light bulbs, buzzers and switches. We then used this learning to test other a variety of objects such as pencils, cardboard boxes, rulers and more to discover which materials conduct electricity. We discovered that metals are conductors but that plastic, paper, card and wood do not conduct electricity. Finally, we put our learning to a fun use and designed a Christmas card which lit up. We had to think carefully about a Christmas theme that would be good with a light. Some of our designs are in the picture gallery. Because it was Christmas we made presents for our family. We designed cube or cuboid lanterns made from wood. We measured and cut the wood and glued it together with a bit of help. We then followed our design to cover the lantern in tissue paper. We used a battery powered tea light to light it up. The lanterns were beautiful!

 WOW! What a busy first term in Wheal Busy!

Sounding Off

Our current topic is all about the science of sound and the creation of music.

We began our topic by investigating how sound is made. We discovered that three things are needed for sound to be produced:

1. Something needs to vibrate

2. These vibrations, or sound waves, need a medium, such as air or water, to travel through.

3. Something needs to detect the sound. This is usually an ear but can be a microphone or recording device.

We explored the classroom for objects that we could make vibrate in order to produce sound.


The Sound Artist

We found out about artists that use music as their inspiarion to creat works of art. We had a go ourselves. We listened to an "up beat" piece of music and drew the shapes and colours that came into our imaginations. What do you think?