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Wheal Fortune used clay to make examples of their own gods based on Hindu gods.

Being kind for 40 days

This morning Wheal Rose have been learning all about Lent and thinking of the things we would find the most difficult to give up for 40 days. We decided as a class that instead of giving something up, we are going to focus on being kind for 40 days. If we are ‘caught being kind’ we have special kindness tokens which we can keep


The children in Key Stage 1 really enjoyed making and learning about the Christingle today. They listened to the instructions to make them and they behaved so well when we lit them too, which was their favourite part.  

Silhouettes of the Christmas Story

Wheal Harmony have produced some beautiful pieces of artwork. They have used silhouettes of the Christmas story and used chalks and pastels for the background. 

Exploring Different Faiths

Wheal Bunnie had amazing discussions yesterday whilst exploring different faiths as part of Inter-Faith Week. We then explored all the similarities between different faiths and what makes us all unique.

Our Guest Speaker

All of years 1 and 2 were very privileged to have a guest speaker in our assembly today talking about the religion that her family follows.

Advent Candles And What These Represent

Some more Advent sessions with Wheal Harmony & Wheal Rose. The children talked lots about the advent candles and what these represent on the wreath, as well as how these are used in church during the period of Advent.

Diversity And Acceptance

Wheal Rose and Wheal Unity have been learning about diversity and acceptance in our sessions. We are grateful for all our differences.

Learning About Buddhism

Wheal Rose have enjoyed learning about Buddhism today and created their own lotus flowers as a symbol of new beginnings. We talked about how Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world and acknowledged the importance of having an understanding of different beliefs and values.

How Being Different Is Good

Wheal Harmony have enjoyed learning about how being different is good. They made Thank You cards to those they are thankful for.

Advent And What It Represents

A great start to our Faith day as part of Inter-Faith week. Wheal Unity have been learning about Advent and what it represents. They have made Advent Crowns/Wreaths and have been learning about what each part means to Christians.

Inter-Faith Week

This week is Inter-Faith Week and today in Wheal Harmony they have focused on their topic of ‘Let’s celebrate’ learning about different celebrations from around the world. They have specifically focused on the celebration of Diwali and have made beautiful diva lamps, flower garlands, rangoli patterns and lanterns. What an amazing job they have all done! Tomorrow all of years 1 and 2 will have an ‘Re Inter-faith’ themed day acknowledging different beliefs and religions. Watch this space for photos!

Diva Lamps

Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly have really enjoyed making their Diva lamps. The children loved lighting them this week.

Learning about the Harvest Festival

The Barn this week have all been on a trip to Treleigh Church to learn about the Harvest Festival. We had discussions about patience, joy, generosity, humility and peace and were able to take part in some beautiful craft activities.

Experience Harvest

Today Wheal Busy visited the church to take part in Experience Harvest. They learned about five key parts of this festival by listening to parishioners and taking part in craft activities. Ms Middleton was very impressed with the way the children showed respect to the church members and the church building. Well done Wheal Busy.

RE Day in Wheal Harmony

Wheal Harmony have had an RE day exploring both Christianity and Buddhism. This morning they visited St.Stephens church and acknowledged how this is a special place of worship and identified the different features in a church. In the afternoon they made their own Lotus flowers and recognised this as a symbol of Buddhism.