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Natural Disasters

Posting letters home explaining who ShelterBox are and what they do.

Blue Screening Video Editing

Wheal Fortune were set the task of using imovie on the Ipads to report on a natural disaster.  Pupils researched the disaster linked to there video, presented it through the video format and edited using the program tools.

Fundraising for Shelterbox

New Zealand Earthquake Links




Wheal Fortune



Accelerated Reader








 Knowledge Mats

Curriculum Organisers

Christmas Jumper Day in Wheal Fortune







    Who's the Mummy?    


As part of their ‘Who’s the Mummy’ topic, Wheal Fortune have begun the mummification process!  Megan Mankee said we couldn’t use her body so the class resorted to fish.  Those poor creatures were gutted and cleaned by the children before being placed into containers and covered with salt – to draw out the moisture.  Stage two will begin in two weeks when we plan to re-salt for more drying and then wrap (mummify)!  Yes the guts are mummified too! And yes, the classroom stinks!!!















Borrow Box









Word List - Years 5 and 6

Word List - Years 3 and 4

 Wheal Fortune Robot Brief – Design and Technology


Brief: Design and build a robot that has:


  • Lights for eyes – more lights may be used in other places too
  • Moving parts controlled by a battery powered motor
  • Flexible joints (at least one)
  • The ability to move forwards


Extension Tasks:


  • Create a circuit that causes the lights to flash
  • Develop a switch that will sound a buzzer linked to the robot’s movement




  • Consider the brief and decide as a group what and where the moving parts will be
  • Research robots and the world/machines around you – linked to the resources you have, begin to decide on its style. Sketch ideas onto gridded paper
  • Consider the circuits and hinges you will use and where/how they will attach include these in your final sketch
  • Build robot
  • Test robot

Wheal Fortune ‘Mechanical Mayhem’ News Report Articles

Wheal Fortune have been learning about electricity, especially devices that go crazy, within their ‘Mechanical Mayhem’ topic.  They made robots and raced them before writing news reports based on their class story, whereby a vacuum cleaner holds a granny prisoner in her own toilet.  Mr Mitchell said, ‘The children’s writing has been electric!’

'Evolution Vs Creation'.

Wheal Fortune have been working extremely hard learning about Charles Darwin and evolution and used their new knowledge to compare the theory with the story of creation from the Bible.  As you can imagine, the key points surrounding the debate can be difficult to grasp and the class have done an excellent job.

We used a number generator to select individuals to read out their work to the class!

Mr Mitchell’s Outdoor Learning Club

Wheal Fortune (Year 6) have been going all Ray Mears this autumn term on Wednesdays after school.  They have lit fires, tied knots and, with much trepidation from Mr Mitchell, whittled wood learning knife and sawing skills.  Here are a few imaged of first class survival!


Evolution vs Creation – you decide…

Wheal Fortune have been working hard recently learning about Charles Darwin and his evidence supporting evolution.  They invited Mr Hanley and Wheal Plenty in to get the creationist’s side of this contentious issue.  What do you believe in – creation or evolution?  Read some of our class discussion texts coming soon to ‘Pobble’ near you…

Robot Racing