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Art & Design




Budding Artists

Work in progress.......the budding artists in Wheal Plenty are using the Hindu story, ‘The man in the well’ as inspiration for their works of art.

Art & Design Journals

The whole school have started new amazing art and design journals. These will follow them through the school, showcasing their developing skills and achievements. Wheal Bunnie were very excited to start using theirs today! They sketched their own designs for our design brief which is to make a 3D volcano with a mechanism. We cannot wait to see how they get on creating their final product in the next few weeks!

Does Money Make the World Go Around?

Weaving and Designs

Wheal Harmony would love to share some of their art and design project with you all. They have worked extremely hard creating their moodboards, weaving and designs. The children have explored different textures, drawing skills and materials. We are very excited to produce the final product

Wheal Bunnie have been practicing designing clothes and accessories using newspaper as they explore the problems with ‘Fast Fashion.’

Moon Landings

Wheal Rose made a great start on their Moon Landings inspired art this afternoon. We are looking forward to sharing the finished products with you soon.

Making Birds

Wheal Unity took their ‘Flying High’ topic to a new level this afternoon, by making their own birds! The children had to closely follow instructions and carefully look at a variety of birds to make their own designs. Here are just some of their finished products!

Using Charcoal in Art

The children of Wheal Bunnie have been busy using charcoal to practice different mark making in art. The children showed amazing art skills, ready to create their portraits next lesson

Abstract Art Work of Artist Peter Thorpe

Wow! Wheal Harmony created some fantastic pieces of artwork this afternoon. They studied the abstract art work of artist Peter Thorpe whose work is inspired by space. In his pieces he uses bright and bold colours and textures based around rockets. We developed our artistic skills of printing, painting, using a range of brushstrokes and using oil pastels and chalks to colour in rocket stencils. What a brilliant job they have done!

Silhouettes of the Christmas Story

Wheal Harmony have produced some beautiful pieces of artwork.  They have used silhouettes of the Christmas story and used chalks and pastels for the background. They look amazing!

Christmas Crafting

Wheal Rose have been working so hard on the Christmas play this last couple of weeks, it was lovely for them to enjoy an afternoon of Christmas crafting. Well done everyone!

Room on the Broom 

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have had a fabulous day participating in 'Room on the Broom' with Lisa from Messy Monsters. The children enjoyed having their faces painted, story telling, potion making, mud monster creating and having lots of fun!

Celebration Firework Pictures

Wheal Harmony created beautiful celebration firework pictures in their art and design lesson this week. They had to think about the patterns, brush strokes and the designs and shapes of their fireworks. They made wonderful masterpieces! Alongside this they also learnt the history about why we have bonfire night

Diva Lamps

Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly have really enjoyed making their Diva lamps. The children loved lighting them this week.

 Art like Andy Goldsworthy

Wheal Busy had a fantastic morning of outdoor learning. These photos show the result of the children trying to produce art like Andy Goldsworthy (Google him!) Callum lead his group to create his vision and they were very proud of themselves. Another group showed their topic learning (without being told!) and made a digestive system which really show them applying what they have learned this term

Outdoor Learning

Yesterday, Wheal Busy had a fantastic morning of outdoor learning. These photos show children completely engrossed in observational drawing. As well as art skills, this activity encourages children to slow down, be mindful and take notice of the world around them.

Murdoch Day Parade

Preparations are well under-way in Reception for the Murdoch Day parade! Thank you for the newspapers! 

Making Animal Pictures

Wheal Harmony had lots of fun making animal pictures out of natural resources. Can you guess what they are?

Building Dens

Wheal Rose had a lovely afternoon building dens on the field in the sun shine. They showed great teamwork and problem solving skills. 

Craft Work using Salt Dough

Look at the amazing crafts that Wheal Harmony have made! They have made salt dough cats, animal placemats, paperweights and bookmarks! All will be available to buy for 50p each this afternoon between 2.30pm and 3.15pm where you can also listen to your child’s animal riddles. Parents will be able to collect younger/ older siblings after. We cannot wait to see you all!

Natural Habitat Collages

Wheal Rose had a great afternoon creating natural habitat collages in the lovely sunshine, as part of our Animal Allsorts topic. Well done everyone! 

Animal Crafts

Wheal Harmony have created some beautiful paintings today focusing on how animals are camouflaged. These are going to be made into place-mats. We look forward to opening our classroom next Friday (17th) between 2.30pm-3.15pm where children will be sharing their animal riddles and selling the animal crafts they have made to raise money for local animal charities.

Our Bluebell Representations

Some beautiful bluebell representations from Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly this week.

Finger Prints Across the World

Wheal Harmony have created a world masterpiece! Each child had a part of the world and they used their fingerprints to paint each piece. This is their artwork!