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Some great discussions from Wheal Busy about technology

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Earlier this week Wheal Busy found that all the technology in their classroom had been blocked until they could answer the topic question - Technology: Friend or Foe? After discussing what makes something ‘technology’ the children thought about how we can have a positive and a negative relationship with technology. Finally, after some great discussion, everyone expressed their opinions on the question. We wonder if our ideas will change as we learn more during the topic lessons.



We have created our own posters

Wow! Look at what Wheal Harmony have accomplished over the last 3 weeks in their computing lessons. We have created our own posters and have used the programmes ‘Paint’ and ‘2Paint’ to create pictures of our focus story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and some of our favourite fairy tale characters. Today we used publisher and word art, experimenting with different fonts and changing the size and colour of these. The children typed using the keyboard confidently their favourite fairy tale stories. Great work!

Crime and Punishment

Today the children in The Barn (yrs 3 and 4) concluded their topic about the history of crime and punishment by using the database they had compiled to investigate the theft of some Christmas decorations at a school. A combination of technology and good old fashioned "brainwork" led them to the conclusion that the most likely suspect was the PE teacher (no surprises there!) and they were indeed correct. Good detective skills everyone!

The Suspect

Once they had used the database to narrow down the list of suspects to five, they used their detective skills and an advanced search to decide which of the possible criminals committed the crime. It was decided (almost unanimously) that it was William Bentley (aka Sam). Detectives Yates and Poynton-Farmer were particularly clever with their use of the evidence, so were allowed to arrest the suspect - he was not happy about this!

How Police Officers use Databases

This afternoon, Wheal Busy and Wheal Bunnie found out how police officers use databases to help them solve crimes. They studied witness statements and used a database to find out who had vandalised a village pond.

Super Computer Skills

Super computing skills from Wheal Unity this afternoon! They have worked hard to create their own name posters using word art in Publisher

Super Mouse Skills

Some super mouse skills from Wheal Unity this afternoon. We have been focusing on being accurate and taking our time using a mouse, a tricky skill when you’re used to touch-screen technology!