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Learning about the Eatwell Plate
Key Stage One enjoyed an assembly today with Mrs. Cooper from Caterlink.
The children learned all about the Eatwell plate and the main food groups. They then had a go at tasting some fruits and chose their favourites for an exciting project later in the topic!

The Healthy Eating Plate

Today Katie from Caterlink visited year 3 and 4 to talk to them about the healthy eating plate. This visit helped everyone learn more about the DT, science and PHSE parts of the topic ‘Healthy body, healthy mind?

Our Trip to the Maritime Museum

Wow! What an amazing day Year 1 had.

We learnt about Henry Trengrouse who invented the ‘Rocket life-saving apparatus.’
Year 1 took part in a re-creation of the ‘rocket and breeches buoy’ rescue mission over the tide pool where we had to rescue the fisherman from the lighthouse and bring him back to land safely.
As geographers, we looked at local maps of the coastline and identified the physical and human features of the surrounding areas.
We explored the RNLI resources in the survival zone area of the museum and talked about how to stay safe on beaches and along the coast.
As designers, we designed and created our own boats and tested these in the water.
The learning manager commented on how superbly the children behaved. Well done Year 1!

Art & Design Journals

The whole school have started new amazing art and design journals. These will follow them through the school, showcasing their developing skills and achievements. Wheal Bunnie were very excited to start using theirs today! They sketched their own designs for our design brief which is to make a 3D volcano with a mechanism. We cannot wait to see how they get on creating their final product in the next few weeks!

Investigating Cams

As part of Planet Earth: a force to be reckoned with? Y5/6 pupils have been set a design brief of making a toy/device that could help explain how volcanoes are created or how they erupt.

The investigation covers:

Science - Forces

DT - 'Ask' stage of the 'Engineering Design Process'.

Mood Boards

Today Wheal Unity have been sharing their mood boards and critiquing their own and each other’s t-shirt design ideas. They are excited to be able to get started soon!

Making Birds

Wheal Unity took their ‘Flying High’ topic to a new level this afternoon, by making their own birds! The children had to closely follow instructions and carefully look at a variety of birds to make their own designs. Here are just some of their finished products

Name Posters

Super computing skills from Wheal Unity this afternoon! They have worked hard to create their own name posters using word art in Publisher!

Research Homework

Wow! Wheal Bunnie had lots of fun this afternoon looking at everyone’s research homework. There were some amazing facts and creativity shown. Well done all!

Charlotte shared about her Great Grandfather's Service in WW1

Charlotte shared about her Great Grandfather's service in WW1. Pictures of the trenches really helped Wheal Plenty to visualise what it would have been like for soldiers, inspiring them to build their own model trenches accurately.

WW1 Trenches

Wheal Plenty put back on their Design Technology hats this afternoon, by making WW1 trenches!

Great Fire of London

To end their wonderful topic, Wheal Plenty finally got to experience the seventeenth century 'Great Fire of London', when they burnt their Tudor and Stuart style houses this morning.
It was a good opportunity for thinking historically and sharing empathy with the Londoner's loss.
Thanks Mr Roberts for helping us out too!

Seventeenth Century House Models

Wheal Plenty had fun this afternoon continuing the construction of their seventeenth century house models!
Shame they may be burnt......


Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have been thoroughly enjoying their latest book, Supertato! They’ve written wanted posters (to try and catch Evil Pea), they’ve investigated ice and jelly and they have even had a go at making traps to catch this villain!

Wheal Plenty have begun building their WW1 replica trenches!