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Treleigh's Bedtime Story

'WOW' 3 Million Word!!

We could not be more proud of Melissa for achieving her silver reading band today! She has read a staggering 3 MILLION words since September!! Just incredible!

World Book Day

What a fantastic day we have had celebrating World Book Day! Our theme was ‘Bedtime Stories’ and the value of reading aloud and listening to our favourite tales. The children thoroughly enjoyed ‘buddying up’ and sharing their books with different children across the school, all cozy in their pyjamas. Don’t forget to check the Facebook page at 6.45pm to listen to our mystery reader. We have already received some of the children’s stories ready to add to the mystery each Friday at the same time. Remember listening to the mystery reader counts as one of your daily reads. Simply sign the reading record ‘mystery reader.’ Thank you for your continued support.

Sharing Stories on World Book Day

Wheal Harmony and Wheal Fortune enjoying world book day and sharing their stories

Pick-n-Mix Reading

This morning in Wheal Kitty we had pick-n-mix reading. The children bring in their own blankets and pillows. This week, Mrs Arkell supplied some extras to make some 'dens' to read in.

Shrove Tuesday

Some Shrove Tuesday related comprehension this morning in the Wheal Unity group!

Planning what we would like to learn this half term

After listening to the story Supertato by Sue Hendra, Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have planned what they would like to learn this half term. Brilliant ideas everyone!

Exploring Newspapers

Wheal Bunnie have been busy exploring newspapers recently. There were lots of inky fingers!

Reading Bands

If your child is in years  2-6, ask them to tell you all about these!


The Wheal Unity literacy group are really enjoying their new text, Beegu!
The children have only heard a small part of the story so far but they have done a fantastic job of describing and acting out some of the emotions Beegu might be going through.

Festive Fun

Some festive fun in the Wheal Unity Read Write Inc group today!
The children were reading ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ and answering questions about what they had read.

Read For Good

Did you see this piece about Read For Good on Children In Need on Friday? Not only have you helped this amazing charity through your donations to Children In Need but this is the charity we supported with our Readathon in the Spring. We sent over £3000 to them which will go a long way to supporting their incredible work. You HAVE made a difference.

Snuggle Up Reading Suitcase

Wheal Harmony have a new snuggle up reading suitcase. Each week a child will be able to snuggle up whilst reading a book with the reading teddy bear, you, bookmarks and book review book

Funday Monday Sessions

It was fantastic to see so many parents from Wheal Lovely and Friendly attend the Funday Monday session today. These are on every Monday from 8.40 am - 9.00 am any family member can attend with your child so please come along.


Wheal Bunnie - ‘Wow, 343,193 words so far this term. Let's keep going to meet our target of 5 million!

Thank you!

Thank you to all who came to support our book fair last week. We raised over £700 which will earn us lots of commission to stock our own school library. An extended thanks to the Friends of Treleigh who gave up their time to run it. We are very grateful

Wheal Busy's Word Count

Wow! Wheal Busy's word count is already 692406 words AND the whole class has read every day again this week! Keep it up Wheal Busy.

Book Fair

The book fair is here!!!! We will be open today after school and Monday to Wednesday next week, 8am - 8.45 then 3.15pm - 4pm. There are books for all ages and all the latest and most popular titles are available to buy. Why not make a start on your Christmas shopping? Hope to see lots of you there!

A Super Word Count

A super word count from Wheal Busy after only three full reads of reading. They are on target for their end of year goal to read 10,000,000 words. Not only that but there is a special merit on their totaliser because EVERYONE read EVERY DAY this week. Well done Wheal Busy - keeeeeep reading!

Pick and Mix Reading Friday

It might have been wet and windy outside but this morning Wheal Busy snuggled up for Pick and Mix Reading Friday. Some people chose to read books about our topic, others read tooth care leaflets written by last year's Wheal Busy and others used 'How to draw' books to help them master new skills

Extreme Reading Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our Extreme Reading competition!!! Here are the winning entries. KS1 - Jowan, KS2 - Louis, staff - EYFS Team. Well done everybody and thank you for all your entries.

" WOW " See how much money we raised during our Readathon!

We are proud to announce that we raised an incredible £3466.50 during our Readathon. This will be donated to local children’s hospitals with some money going towards books for the school. Congratulations to Brayden who raised a massive £220!

Well done to Brayden

Well done to Brayden in Wheal Harmony who had the highest individual total for money raised for our Readathon challenge! 

Redruth Library

We are very lucky to still have a library in Redruth. If you get a chance to pop down during the holidays, they’d be very pleased to see you. 

Reading Suspense Stories by Torchlight

Wheal Busy came back to school this evening to read their amazing suspense stories to their families in the dark by torchlight. We hope you can see from the photos that everyone had a great time. 

The Readathon Challenge is over

Treleigh's first Readathon is now finished. A big thank you to all parents and staff for your support and encouragement and an ENORMOUS WELL DONE to all the children for an amazing effort and a phenomenal amount of reading. Teachers will be ready to collect sponsor money from Monday so please collect what you can this weekend to contribute to your class total and the overall school total. Thank you again everyone.

Wheal Busy's Word Count

Wheal Busy have read 5616532 words so far this year. They used column subtraction to calculate they have read 375189 words this week

Year 2 Family Reading

A great turnout for Year 2 family reading tonight! Thank you to all families who came to share some valuable reading time with their children. 

Sending Letters to Bristol

Today Wheal Harmony and Wheal Unity are writing letters to another year 1 class in Bristol! They are very excited to write their letters. This was a message from the year 1 teacher at Victoria Park Primary School in Bristol.

A Parcel from Florida

The children in Mrs Winnan’s literacy group were very excited to receive a parcel in the post which had travelled over 4,000 miles from Florida to reach them!! Inside was a challenge to learn about a contrasting continent through poetry. Mrs Winnan is extremely proud of their reading progress and delighted to hear such superb deeper thinking circulating the room. Well done everyone! They are looking forward to opening the mystery parcel at the end of their topic! 

Wheal Rose enjoying some cosy time with a book

Wheal Rose thoroughly enjoyed having some cosy time with a book. We are all working very hard to beat our Readathon targets. Keep it going everyone!

Story Time

Wheal Lovely enjoyed snuggling up and listening to Zog and the Flying Doctors this afternoon.

Pick and Mix Reading

Zack is enjoying Comic Relief Pick and Mix Reading Friday. 

Hold onto those pages!

It might be a bit wild and windy outside today but children are reading for the Readathon anyway. Hold onto those pages!

Wheal Busy's Word Count

Wow! The Readathon has had a huge impact on Wheal Busy's word count. They have read 5241343 so far this year and 674930 words since they last checked their total. Well done everyone. 

Well done to Brayden! 

Well done to Brayden in Wheal Harmony who has already read 14 books in total so far! Wow! Keep up the amazing reading everybody! 

Well Done Kaylem! 

Wow! Kaylem has reached his Readathon target. He has read The Demon Dentist, Three Tom Gates books, one Dirty Bertie book, two Wimpy Kid books, one magazine and six Lego comics! Well done Kaylem. How is your Readathon going?

Year 1’s family reading session

Thank you to all who attended Year 1’s family reading session today.

World Book Day

Wheal Busy & Wheal Bunnie enjoyed World Book Day last week. 

Wheal Busy's first Accelerated Reader millionaire

Wow! The Readathon has created Wheal Busy's first Accelerated Reader millionaire. Well done Katia. How is your Readathon going? 

Readathon Fever

Readathon fever has certainly come to Wheal Busy - Melissa and Katia are even reading in the line! Lots of children have read loads over the weekend and are well on the way to their targets. How is your Readathon going? 

Sharing our Stories

We’ve really enjoyed sharing some stories in Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly this morning

Treleigh School Readathon

We are proud to announce that we have launched our first whole school ‘Readathon’ in memory of Joel Erents, who loved to read. The children have challenged themselves by setting an ambitious reading target to achieve over a 2 week sponsor period. Money raised will go to support our local children’s hospital and children’s wards. Further details of how you can help support this worthy cause will be coming home today. We will keep you posted with regular updates over the next fortnight.

Reception Family Reading Session

Thank you to all who attended the first reception family reading session yesterday. It was a great turnout! We are looking forward to welcoming the year 1 parents next week

World Book Day Dressing up Winners

Here are the winners of our World Book Day dressing up competition with their prizes and the winning adult! Thank you to all of the parents who made an effort this morning and to Mrs. Winnan for her hard work in organising this.

World Book Day - 2019

World Book Day Pick and Mix Reading Friday has brought a whole host of characters into Wheal Busy. The Cat in the Hat and Donkey are enjoying reading together. We've found Wally! Harry and Hermione are reading under the table.

Wheal Busy have read 4566413 words

Wheal Busy have read 4566413 words. They used column subtraction to calculate they have read 729706 words over half term. If you look carefully you will see a whole class merit as everyone has read every day. 

Reading Success at Treleigh

Another great reading success at Treleigh today. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their favourite books with a reading buddy; an event we will definitely be repeating soon. Next stop is ‘World Book Day’ on Friday and the launch of a brand new reading competition.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Wheal Busy enjoyed sharing their versions of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with their families. Thank you for coming everyone

Our Stories

We have been working so hard on the final copies of our stories. We think they are looking fantastic. We cannot wait to share them with our parents 

Pick and Mix Friday

It may have been wet and windy outside but Wheal Busy were snuggled up for Pick and Mix Reading Friday!