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Wheal Lovely and Friendly became Geographers!

Yesterday Wheal Lovely and Friendly became Geographers! After listening to Little Red Riding Hood the children decided they needed to make a map to get to Granny's House (the outdoor classroom) safely. They enjoyed looking at an aerial photograph of the school and together with their knowledge of the grounds they drew some fantastic maps, labelled with directional language.

Making a Compass

This afternoon Wheal Busy made a compass on the field and used it to follow compass directions to find out the capital cities of the ten countries that the River Danube flows through. A fun and active way to use their geographical skills whilst improving their subject knowledge.

Research Homework

Today Wheal Busy shared their fantastic research homework with each other. They took turns speaking and listening to each other. Mia's presentation was so good that she helped Mrs Wheeler to teach a lesson about deforestation! Thank you to all the children (and parents) in the Barn for another super effort with this research homework

A Day at the Eden Project

Wheal Busy had a fantastic day at the Eden Project yesterday deepening their learning about how to survive in the rainforest. They were so well behaved that they were given the opportunity to go up on the upper viewing platform if they wanted to. 23 brave explorers went high up in the biome and were rewarded with great views of the rainforest. Well done all of Wheal Busy for being great ambassadors for Treleigh.

Wheal Fortune on location at ShelterBox HQ

Understanding the Science

Once Wheal Busy had visited the Geothermal Plant, Suzy (a geologist) visited to play a game with the children so they could better understand the science that is used to generate energy from the earth. It was a fun game that helped everyone to understand what they had seen in the morning. 

The Geothermal project at United Downs

Last Thursday Wheal Busy visited the Geothermal project at United Downs to find out how they are going to generate electricity from the heat that comes from the earth. They saw some enormous pieces of machinery. Can you work out what some of these pictures show? Can you estimate how deep into the ground they have drilled?

Sending Letters to Bristol

Today Wheal Harmony and Wheal Unity are writing letters to another year 1 class in Bristol! They are very excited to write their letters. This was a message from the year 1 teacher at Victoria Park Primary School in Bristol.

A Parcel from Florida

The children in Mrs Winnan’s literacy group were very excited to receive a parcel in the post which had travelled over 4,000 miles from Florida to reach them!! Inside was a challenge to learn about a contrasting continent through poetry. Mrs Winnan is extremely proud of their reading progress and delighted to hear such superb deeper thinking circulating the room. Well done everyone! They are looking forward to opening the mystery parcel at the end of their topic! 

The 7 Continents of the World

Wheal Harmony have been learning about the 7 continents of the world. Did you know that the largest continent in the world is Asia? Did you know the smallest continent in the world is Oceania? Wow! Ask your child to see if they can name all 7 continents

Finger Prints Across the World

Wheal Harmony have created a world masterpiece! Each child had a part of the world and they used their fingerprints to paint each piece. This is their artwork!

Posting and Places

As part of their 'Posting and Places' topic this half term Wheal Unity are looking at different locations around the world. This afternoon we were off to the Amazon Rainforest in South America, sorting out animals depending on which layer of the rainforest they live in.

James the Geography Expert

Wheal Rose were delighted to welcome our resident geography expert James to class this afternoon. He had a wealth of knowledge to share about the the 7 continents and we were astounded by the things he knew! Well done James!

Using lines of Longitude and Latitude

Geography in Wheal Fortune - how to use lines of longitude and latitude to find the coordinates of Charles Darwin's stop offs on his journey aboard HMS Beagle.