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Problem Solving

Some fantastic paired maths problem solving happening today in Wheal Unity during our maths session

Maths Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly completed a maths challenge! 
The children had to try and find a partner who they didn't usually work with and together they had to make a paper chain caterpillar. They had a time limit and when the time was up they compared their creatures! 
There was a big discussion about why some were longer than others and then they counted the links and measured to find out who had made the longest caterpillar. This was also a great test of teamwork! 
It was a close call but well done to Lydia & Tabitha who made a 58 link paper chain caterpillar!

Teen Numbers

Super effort from the children in reception this week! They have been working on teen numbers and how to show and record these. Well done! 

Times Table Rockstars

Today we launched our new program to improve times table knowledge from years 2-6, Times Table Rockstars. We never knew we had such talented ‘Rockers’ amongst the children and staff! Letters are in the children’s bags today detailing how they can access this from home. Any support would be much appreciated in developing this essential skill. Thank you.

Using Column Subtraction

Wheal Busy have read 5616532 words so far this year. They used column subtraction to calculate they have read 375189 words this week.

Challenge Day

Our Year 3 and 4 maths team had a great time at Heartlands for their Challenge Day today!

Testing algebraic formulae

Wheal Fortune: numeracy. Testing algebraic formulae - speed = distance\time. How fast are you?


Making 5 and Number Sentences

In Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly the children have been working on ways of making 5 and recording number sentences.

Crofty Maths Challenge

Well done to our year 1/2 maths team who finished 4th out of 10 schools at the Crofty Maths challenge today. They had a great time following a maths trail using QR codes and completing some tricky quizzes! Thank you to Mrs. Roscorla for accompanying them throughout the day!