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Mathematical Detective Work

Making the most of the gorgeous weather yesterday, Wheal Raven sat outside to do some mathematical detective work

Having Fun with Fractions

Y5 Wheal Plenty have been having fun with fractions! We have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers using paper to help us.

Exploring Dividing with Remainders

Wheal Bunnie’s maths class were exploring dividing with remainders today. The children used sticks and shapes to investigate different groupings. They worked incredibly hard and were very engaged!

Using our Rekenrek for Mastery Maths
There was much excitement in maths today as our Rekenrek delivery arrived!
We can’t wait to start using these to support our mastery maths sessions.
 No Pens Wednesday Maths Action in Year 6

No pens Wednesday maths action in Year 6. Dividing fractions by whole numbers: investigating the process using Cuisenaire rods. By the end of the lesson pupils had worked out that ‘to divide a fraction by a whole number simply multiply the denominator by the whole and slide the numerator across,’ doing a fantastic job. Mr Russell couldn’t believe his eyes!

Miss Philpott’s Maths Lesson

n Miss Philpott’s maths lesson today, as part of our Mastering Number activity, we were focussing on the number 9 and using the counters to find number bonds that total 9. Mrs Williams’ group focussed on their fluency of the number bonds to 10, using the iPads. The children enjoyed creating the odd and even Numberblocks with the cubes and also talking through number problems and creating number sentences using the tens frames.

England Rocks 2021

Congratulations to Wheal Busy and the children who made it onto the top points list. Your efforts were appreciated and are sure to help you to become more fluent in maths. Thank you to the parents for supporting this.

Mrs Banfield’s Maths group

Mrs Banfield’s Maths group learnt how to use pictorial representations to subtract ones from a 3-digit number

Using Manipulatives to Build 3 Digit Numbers

Mrs Banfield’s maths group have been using manipulatives to build 3 digit numbers today.


Wheal Kitty’s maths group carried out exchanging today in Maths and smashed it! Well done!

Length, Perimeter and Area

Wheal Bunnie were full of enthusiasm for their new unit in Maths this week: Length, Perimeter and Area. It started by measuring their arm span using centimetres and metres. They found some interesting differences across the class!

Sharing & Dividing

Lots of sharing & dividing happening in the Wheal Unity maths group this week! The children have got to grips with using physical resources and then moving onto using pictures to help.

Using Manipulatives

Great maths investigation work using manipulatives this morning in Wheal Rose, helping us to understand division by making equal groups.

Exploring 2D and 3D Shapes

In Miss Philpott’s maths group this week, we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We have used new mathematical vocabulary and constructed our own 3D models. What 2D and 3D shapes can you see at home? Shapes are everywhere we look!

Solving Division Problems

Wheal Kitty’s maths group has been solving division problems. They chose different methods to work out the answers.

Festive Maths

Yesterday Wheal Friendly and Lovely enjoyed some festive Maths related to measure. They had 20 minutes to make a paper chain as long as they could. We went into the hall and laid them out to count them and then ordered themselves from shortest to longest. They did a fantastic job at counting and great teamwork.

Counting in Multiples of 10

In Wheal Harmony today we have used our clever counting in multiples of 10 to count the total number of toys we have collected for the Pirate FM toy appeal. We applied this to learning our 10 times tables and recognised as a class that we need 10 more to reach our target of 100!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Representing Subtraction in Different Ways

Wheal Bunnie have been busy representing subtraction in many different ways this week. They have shown great perseverance in their learning.

Trying to Solve a Problem and Sharing their Opinions

There was a real buzz in the air this morning in Mrs Wheeler's maths group when the children were asked to consider the problem in the photo. As you can see, everyone was deep in thought/discussion, trying to solve the problem and share their opinion. What do you think?

Wheal Kitty's Maths Lesson

The children in Wheal Kitty have been working very hard in their Maths lessons. They have learnt all this in 4 weeks.

Times Tables Rock Star Club

This week's guest act at Times Tables Rock Star Club was Mr Proctor. The Rock Star Club members challenged him on the festival game and as you can see he was determined to win (which he did this time!) It was great to see so many children confident to challenge and Mr Proctor could see how this club is helping the children improve their speed and accuracy. Mr Mitchell, the children would like to challenge you next!

James-The Champion of Times Tables Rockstars 

Wow! We have some super mathematicians here at Treleigh! This morning saw the first Times Tables Rockstars assembly challenge - staff vs. pupils. Miss Skewes, Mr Mitchell, Mrs Wheeler and Mr Proctor took on Lucy, Crawford, Joseph & James and what a challenge it was!
Tough competition from everyone but the champion, for now, is James - a huge well done to him!
This has really encouraged the other children, from years 2-6 to keep working hard on their tables. We will have another competition soon!

Times Tables Rockstars

Super speed from Crawford in the Times Tables Rockstars assembly this morning

Investigating Number Bonds

Here is Logan in Miss Philpott’s maths group working systematically and using the cubes to find the number bonds that total 6. This week we have investigated the number bonds totalling 4,5,6,7 and 8 using the cubes to help us. We have recorded the number bonds using part-whole models and written number sentences. Amazing mathematical work!

Investigating number 5

EYFS have been very busy investigating number 5 using part whole models, tens frames, numicon, whiteboards and beans for counting.

Problem Solving

Some fantastic paired maths problem solving happening today in Wheal Unity during our maths session

Maths Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly completed a maths challenge! 
The children had to try and find a partner who they didn't usually work with and together they had to make a paper chain caterpillar. They had a time limit and when the time was up they compared their creatures! 
There was a big discussion about why some were longer than others and then they counted the links and measured to find out who had made the longest caterpillar. This was also a great test of teamwork! 
It was a close call but well done to Lydia & Tabitha who made a 58 link paper chain caterpillar!

Teen Numbers

Super effort from the children in reception this week! They have been working on teen numbers and how to show and record these. Well done! 

Times Table Rockstars

Today we launched our new program to improve times table knowledge from years 2-6, Times Table Rockstars. We never knew we had such talented ‘Rockers’ amongst the children and staff! Letters are in the children’s bags today detailing how they can access this from home. Any support would be much appreciated in developing this essential skill. Thank you.

Using Column Subtraction

Wheal Busy have read 5616532 words so far this year. They used column subtraction to calculate they have read 375189 words this week.

Challenge Day

Our Year 3 and 4 maths team had a great time at Heartlands for their Challenge Day today!

Testing algebraic formulae

Wheal Fortune: numeracy. Testing algebraic formulae - speed = distance\time. How fast are you?


Making 5 and Number Sentences

In Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly the children have been working on ways of making 5 and recording number sentences.

Crofty Maths Challenge

Well done to our year 1/2 maths team who finished 4th out of 10 schools at the Crofty Maths challenge today. They had a great time following a maths trail using QR codes and completing some tricky quizzes! Thank you to Mrs. Roscorla for accompanying them throughout the day!