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Wheal Plenty performing together the melodies of London’s Burning

Wheal Plenty have been creating lots of music linked to the Great Fire of London. Here is the class performing together the melodies of London’s Burning’ using tuned instruments, some examples of their new lyrics for the song and our non-polished version of the song ‘September 1666’ which we have just started learning.


The choir did amazingly at Songfest last night - they showed so much enthusiasm, sounded wonderful and behaved brilliantly. Thank you to Mrs. Bailey for dedicating her time to this. 

Music Day

Wheal Unity, Wheal Rose and Wheal Harmony made their own music maker shakers today with Miss Philpott and Mr Evans. They used recycled plastic bottles and different objects including buttons, beads, rice, sequins and beans to make different sounds. They did a fantastic job and they could use their shakers to follow simple rhythms.

Drumming (including African drumming), Samba, Singing, Boomwhackers, Ukuleles and home made shakers were all in show at Treleigh for the music day today. The children had a fantastic time learning about tone, beat, rhythm etc. Thank you to Mrs. Bailey for organising a great day!