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Wellbeing Wednesday
For today’s Wellbeing Wednesday, Wheal Busy thought about the second of the five ways to wellbeing - Be Active. As well as PE they thought about other ways to be active such as gardening, going for a walk, dancing to your favourite song or doing star jumps or similar. They had a go at shadow boxing and tried hard to notice as they started to feel better/happier.
Did you know that physical activity releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) into your body? Also Mani told us “When I do exercise it takes my mind off things I might be worrying about.” It is great to see the children reflecting on their own wellbeing like this.
Wellbeing Wednesday
This term, every Wednesday is Wellbeing Wednesday in Wheal Busy. Today we reminded ourselves of the Five Ways To Wellbeing and focused on Taking Notice. We tried: star breathing; colour spotting; being still and listening to sounds and then music.
You might like to try star breathing - it’s easy. Trace around your hand with your finger breathing in slowly as you trace up a finger and breathing out slowly as you trace down.
Everyone enjoyed taking some time to be still and relaxed - a lovely start which led to a productive afternoon.

The Healthy Eating Plate

Today Katie from Caterlink visited year 3 and 4 to talk to them about the healthy eating plate. This visit helped everyone learn more about the DT, science and PHSE parts of the topic ‘Healthy body, health mind?

Santa Run - Raising money for Young Lives vs Cancer

Wheal Kitty have enjoyed the Santa Run with our amazing Christmas jumpers and head gear!

Remember to WRAP, SPLAT, HAT!

This week Wheal Busy have been using the sun to lead their learning building a solar oven to cook marshmallows, making a sun dial and conducting an experiment to show the importance of sun safety. Remember to WRAP, SPLAT, HAT!

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Earlier this week Wheal Busy found that all the technology in their classroom had been blocked until they could answer the topic question - Technology: Friend or Foe? After discussing what makes something ‘technology’ the children thought about how we can have a positive and a negative relationship with technology. Finally, after some great discussion, everyone expressed their opinions on the question. We wonder if our ideas will change as we learn more during the topic lessons.

The Emotional Changes of Puberty
This week in RHSE year 4 have been thinking about how the emotional changes of puberty may cause conflict between young people and adults. By role playing scenarios they decided these top tips for compromising with teenagers:
* Stay calm and smiley
* Use their name to get their attention
* Explain what the problem is and how it makes you feel.
* Listen to how they feel.
* Instead of telling, ask them what they think they could do instead if it is the wrong thing they are doing.
We think these are top tips and well worth a try!
Here is an example of two children trying them out.

What would you say to a G7 Leader?

On Friday, Wheal Busy thought about what they would say to a G7 leader should they bump into them over the weekend. The whole class was incredibly thoughtful and here are a few of their key ideas. What do you think? We think we have some leaders of the future in year 4!

Learning about SCARF

Today Wheal Harmony have been learning all about SCARF which is going to help the whole school learn about life skills this year. SCARF is also helping us with our return to school after such a long time at home. The whole school is taking part in the theme of the week.
This week is Safety week and will be followed by Caring week, Achievement week, Resilience week and Friendship week. These themes will then pop up again throughout the year in all year groups.

Being kind for 40 days

This morning Wheal Rose have been learning all about Lent and thinking of the things we would find the most difficult to give up for 40 days. We decided as a class that instead of giving something up, we are going to focus on being kind for 40 days. If we are ‘caught being kind’ we have special kindness tokens which we can keep.

Children in Need 

Wheal Friendly and Lovely enjoyed taking part in a 15 minute live wake and shake with Joe Wicks this morning for Children in Need.

Anti Bullying Week

This week has been anti-bullying week. Children have been reminded that the word STOP can help them decide if they are being bullied as bullying is something that happens Several Times On Purpose. The word STOP also helps us to remember that the way to stop bullying is to Start Telling Other People. We took the opportunity to remind ourselves who our three trusted school adults are to share our problems with. Finally, the whole school agreed that if everyone follows the Treleigh Way then together we can STOP bullying.

Remembering the Soldiers 

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly remembered the soldiers by making some beautiful poppies and participating in the 1 minute silence today.

Appreciating Everyone in our Special Community

In PSHE, Wheal Busy have been thinking about their school community. After choosing some important members of that community, the children listed their jobs and the important skills they need to help them do that job so well. It was lovely to see so many insightful comments and how the children appreciate everyone in our special community.

Always Wash your Hands

Wheal Lovely and Friendly have been investigating what happens to bread when it’s touched with dirty hands. We were shocked to compare the touched and untouched bread. We talked about the importance of always washing our hands.

Den Building

In Wheal Busy's outdoor learning, everyone built a den but with a difference. The first group built a den and then left it for the next group to modify and so on until every group had had a turn. This challenged some of us who felt our design should have been left as it was but everyone managed their feelings in an appropriate way. Den building also encourages good communication and teamwork.

Outdoor Learning

Yesterday, Wheal Busy had a fantastic morning of outdoor learning. These photos show children completely engrossed in observational drawing. As well as art skills, this activity encourages children to slow down, be mindful and take notice of the world around them.Yesterday, Wheal Busy had a fantastic morning of outdoor learning. These photos show children completely engrossed in observational drawing. As well as art skills, this activity encourages children to slow down, be mindful and take notice of the world around them.


As part of PSHE Wheal Busy have been thinking about making compromises so that they could enjoy a day out with a group of friends with different interests. To practise what they talked about, they worked in groups to design a theme park which everyone in their group could enjoy. There was lots of good talking about how to make sure everyone on the group had at least one thing they could enjoy and some groups even managed to talk and think about their similarities so that they planned things that everyone in their group would enjoy. Great talking, team work and compromise Wheal Busy!

PSHE SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship)

Here is something to brighten up your Monday! Here are some video clips of Wheal Harmony during their PSHE SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) sessions focussing on ‘Friendship.’ Here they were playing the game, ‘Pass the Smile.’

How to be Healthy

Key Stage 1 had two very special visitors at their assembly. Isabelle and Edie from Wheal Busy came to talk to them about how to be healthy and to invite them to the healthy living club that they are going to run after half term. Lots of children were interested in joining the club and the girls are looking forward to welcoming their members after half term. We are so proud to have such confident pupils who want to volunteer and help the younger children.

Fruity Friday

A special guest joined Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly for ‘Fruity Friday’ today! 
Mrs Wheeler popped along and spent some time speaking to the children, they shared lots of their learning with her and the fruit too! 
Thank you for joining us Mrs Wheeler & thank you to all the parents who sent in some delicious fruit to share today - we had a great choice!

A visit from Western Power Distribution

Today Wheal Busy were visited by Ruth from @WesternPowerDistribution to deepen their science learning about electricity. She taught them how to stay safe around electricity and showed them how their learning about conductors and insulators keep electricians and us all safe

A Visit from Matt, the courier for UPS

KS1 had a visit from Matt today, who is a courier for UPS. As part of their topic ‘Posting and Places’, the children got to find out about the role and responsibilities of being a delivery person for such a busy company. They also got to explore the huge UPS van which was well received by all!

The Learning Dip

Wheal Busy were (deliberately) placed in the "learning dip" this afternoon when they were given some equipment and no instructions and asked to make a bulb light up. As well as tackling the challenge the children reflected on how they were feeling and how they got out of the dip. Good suggestions were: use what you already know; try a different way; work with your partner; stay calm and persevere.

Mental Health Week in Wheal Busy

As part of Children's Mental Health Week Wheal Busy have been thinking about ways to calm themselves when they experience challenging feelings. We think they have come up with a really good list. What do you think? Which strategy would you try? If you would like any ideas to support your child with their well being take a look at the Children's Mental Health website and remember we are always here to talk about any worries you might have about this.


After some whole class circle time about wellbeing, Mawgan asked to make a poster about what he had learned. He was really pleased when Olly offered to help as well.

Circuit Training

As part of PE and their topic about healthy eating and living, Wheal Busy have been doing some circuit training. If you look carefully you can even spot Mrs Wheeler having a go!

A Visit from Peninsula Dental school

Wheal Busy were visited by Wendy from the Peninsula Dental school. The session helped the children learn about the science of teeth and how to care for them, in order to be more healthy