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Festival Club

Last week the children at Festivals Club were learning how to make bracelets, necklaces and crowns, using resources from nature. Pupils also learnt about their focus festival of the term Litha (commonly known as Midsummer Solstice)

Does Money Make the World Go Around?
Today all children in year 3 and 4 took part in three special activities to start them thinking about their new curriculum enquiry “Does Money Make The World Go Round?”
One activity was to role play the journey of a refugee family. The children imagined packing a bag under pressure,the hazards of travelling by road and foot before paying to board a boat to safety.
Despite having “packed” a bag, many of them ended up with very little or even nothing by the end of their long journey.
The children all showed great maturity throughout the challenging activity which really helped them to empathise with the situation of real life refugees.
Well done everyone!

Terrific 2's

Very well done to our first Terrific 2's of the year!

A Visit from a Pilot at RNAS Culdrose

Years 1 and 2 were very lucky to have a visit today from Nik, a pilot from RNAS Culdrose. They have been learning about significant people from the past, specifically the Wright Brothers and they were very knowledgeable when Nik questioned them about what they already knew. A big thanks to Nik for coming in.

What would you say to a G7 Leader?

On Friday, Wheal Busy thought about what they would say to a G7 leader should they bump into them over the weekend. The whole class was incredibly thoughtful and here are a few of their key ideas. What do you think? We think we have some leaders of the future in year 4!

ShelterBox Fundraising Event

Congratulations to Wheal Fortune for holding a SUPERB ShelterBox fundraising event for Key Stage 2 on Wednesday. Thank you to all who helped at home and in school with the preparations.