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Gardening Club
Gardening club was a hive of activity this week for soil week. We have weeded, turned coffee granules (kindly donated by Starbucks) into the soil and put the garden to bed for winter. We are still going to be busy each week preparing for the spring and joining the RHS School Gardening Scheme where we are aiming for a level 5 award.

How a Habitat Can Be Changed - Results

Today Wheal Busy returned to their experiment from last week to see if they had had an impact on the environment by covering the grass for a week. It was concluded that they had a negative impact on the grass but had a positive impact by creating a dark, damp habitat for ants, wood lice and slugs.

Feadon Farm - Wheal Rose

Another successful visit to Feadon Farm today. A huge thank you to Will who has taught us all so much over the last three days

Treleigh School Kit Car Club

Feadon Farm - Wheal Harmony

Wheal Harmony had a fantastic day at Feadon Farm. They got to see lots of different animals in their natural habitats. The children also saw some examples of different birds nests which will help us with our nest constructions in school. Wheal Unity and Wheal Rose are looking forward to their turn next

Feadon Farm - Wheal Unity

What a lovely trip Wheal Unity had today at Feadon Farm. I won’t spoil the Year 2 assembly on Friday by sharing too many photos from today but here they are enjoying looking at the woodland habitat

How a Habitat Can Be Changed

Today Wheal Busy have been working scientifically to set up an experiment to see how a habitat can be changed. They marked an area of grass, observed it carefully and drew and recorded what they saw. They then covered it with plastic and will leave it for a week. Before finishing work for the weekend they made predictions about what might happen to the habitat they had covered.

A Visit from Screech Owl Sanctuary

Today Years 1 and 2 had a visit from Screech Owl Sanctuary to launch the new topic ‘Who Lives in a Home Like This?’  We got to meet three friendly owls and learnt all about their habitats and ways that they adapt to the environment that they live in.

How the Human Digestive System works

As part of their science learning Wheal Busy found out how ordinary objects such as plastic bags and tights could teach them how the human digestive system works. They were amazed how they started the afternoon with food, turned it to paste then liquid and back to semi-solid pretend poo by guiding it through their homemade digestive system! It must have worked as they now know all the correct names for the parts of the digestive system and their functions.

Exploring the Effect of fluoride on Eggs (as the teeth!) - Results!

Wheal Bunnie finally got to see the results of their science experiment, exploring the effect of fluoride on eggs (as the teeth!). It was clear that the vinegar had the most effect. There were certainly some strange smells in the classroom after!

The Healthy Eating Plate

Today Katie from Caterlink visited year 3 and 4 to talk to them about the healthy eating plate. This visit helped everyone learn more about the DT, science and PHSE parts of the topic ‘Healthy body, healthy mind?

Different Kinds of Teeth and their Functions

This week Wheal Busy worked like scientists to find out the different kinds of teeth and their functions. By thinking carefully about how they ate different kinds of food they discovered that incisors are for cutting food like carrots in smaller pieces; canines are for ripping and tearing foods such as meat and molars are for grinding and crushing all food ready for it to be swallowed.

Investigating Cams

As part of Planet Earth: a force to be reckoned with? Y5/6 pupils have been set a design brief of making a toy/device that could help explain how volcanoes are created or how they erupt.

The investigation covers:

Science - Forces

DT - 'Ask' stage of the 'Engineering Design Process'.

Making Switches

Wheal Busy have really enjoyed finding out about electricity as part of their new topic - Planet Earth: A Force to be Reckoned With? They were especially proud of themselves for using their learning to make their own switches on Friday.

Friction Investigation

Wheal Plenty were busy thinking scientifically and designed their own investigations on friction.

Investigate the friction created by different materials

Children set up their own investigations using resources provided.

Parachute investigation - gravity and friction

Children set up an investigation into gravity using parachutes.  They focused hard on fair testing and using only one variable.  

Remember to WRAP, SPLAT, HAT!

This week Wheal Busy have been using the sun to lead their learning building a solar oven to cook marshmallows, making a sun dial and conducting an experiment to show the importance of sun safety. Remember to WRAP, SPLAT, HAT!

Rainbow Day Science Experiment

Wheal Unity have been enjoying a science experiment as part of their Rainbow Day! Everything is set and we can’t wait to see the results later today!

Research Homework

Today Wheal Busy shared their fantastic research homework with each other. They took turns speaking and listening to each other. Mia's presentation was so good that she helped Mrs Wheeler to teach a lesson about deforestation! Thank you to all the children (and parents) in the Barn for another super effort with this research homework

The Balloon Rocket

Today in Wheal Harmony we conducted a class science experiment, the balloon rocket!  As a class we had to work out how to get the space man and his rocket to the moon. Tabitha suggested we needed something to push and launch the balloon. We discussed how the force from the air moving in one direction propels the balloon in the other direction, much like a rocket. We wrote up our experiment using scientific vocabulary.

The Space Dome Planetarium

Quote from Eric D, Treleigh’s resident space expert: ‘This is the best day of my life!’ Wow! The space dome planetarium is set up and the children are having an excellent day. All of years 1 and 2 are learning about the solar system, the first moon landings, the constellation star patterns and much, much more! Some of which you can see. We are sure that all of the children will want to share their scientific knowledge with you at home.

A Visit from RNAS Culdrose

The children in KS1 were very lucky to have a visit today from Ty & Andrew from RNAS Culdrose. The children learnt lots about the jobs of pilots and flight attendants, as well as learning about helicopters too! This has really helped with understanding about flight for our topic ‘Flying High’. Thank you both very much for visiting us

Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin

Wheal Rose had a great time yesterday wishing Buzz Aldrin a very happy 90th birthday! We have enjoyed learning about your momentous flight to the moon as part of our topic ‘Flying High’ where we are learning about how different flights have shaped our lives and futures.

Eric our Class Space Knowledge Expert

Meet Eric our class space knowledge expert! Eric has excellent scientific knowledge about the planets and our solar system. We are thoroughly enjoying our new topic ‘Flying High!

Wheal Harmony launching their own rockets

What a great launch day the children in Key Stage 1 had yesterday! The children completed lots of activities to get stuck into their new topic ‘Flying High’. Here are Wheal Harmony launching their own rockets!

Flying High

What a great launch day the children in Key Stage 1 had yesterday! The children completed lots of activities to get stuck into their new topic ‘Flying High’. They were learning about the solar system, trying out a flight simulator and making and launching rockets!

Always Wash your Hands

Wheal Lovely and Friendly have been investigating what happens to bread when it’s touched with dirty hands. We were shocked to compare the touched and untouched bread. We talked about the importance of always washing our hands.

Wheal Busy's Egg Experiment

After a week of daily checking, today was the final day of Wheal Busy's egg experiment to find it the effect of different drinks on eggs (teeth). All the eggs were laid out so everyone could see the damage that has been done. We have concluded that acid damages the structure of the shell, the colourings stain the shell and sugary drinks cause more acid to be made which causes damage. We have decided that none of these drinks are bad providing we do not drink too much of them and clean them off our teeth.

Into Space 

Wheal Fortune about to enter the dome and rocket into space this morning!

Digi the Digestive System

Wow again! Iwan has made a fantastic model of the digestive system as part of his research homework. He has named him Digi and Wheal Busy is delighted to have a new class member!

The Human Digestive System

Wow! This week's research homework has certainly inspired everyone to be creative. Ryland and his mum have used a variety of household items to make a labelled model of the human digestive system. Well done both of you and thank you to all parents for your input and support with this task.

Where Does My Food Go?

This weekend all the children in year 3&4 were challenged to take part in a personal research homework about their topic 'Where Does My Food Go?' They were told that they could present their learning in any way that they wished, so Tobin and his family have made a video about the digestive system. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed making it.

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly Class Assembly

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly really enjoyed sharing their learning with their families this morning at the class assembly. 
Thank you to everyone who came along. The butterfly release video will hopefully be on our website soon! (Sorry to those children who were off poorly and missed our butterfly release earlier this week - we have had quite a lot of sickness over the last couple of weeks.) 
Another successful year of caterpillars and butterflies a from Insect Lore Europe

Wheal Fortune - science:

How does light travel experimenting. What might a WW2 pilot have seen and how might they have been seen on the ground? 


Who is behind the wall? Light investigations continue...


With the sunshine out, the children in Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have been looking at shadows and making them using the toy animals. The children talked about the shapes and had a go at drawing around them. 

An Eventful Afternoon

Wow!  What an amazing afternoon! A big thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their riddles to you all (hopefully you were all able to solve these! We were blown away by the fantastic support and we have managed to raise almost £75.00! This is incredible and the children will be extremely happy about this. We look forward to contacting both Cats Protection: Cornwall Adoption Centre and The Flicka Foundation to see how our donation will be able to help. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic

Natural Habitat Collages

Wheal Rose had a great afternoon creating natural habitat collages in the lovely sunshine, as part of our Animal Allsorts topic. Well done everyone! 

Animal Riddles

Have a listen to some of our animal riddles that we have written today in Wheal Harmony. We are so impressed with the scientific facts that they have included in the riddles.

Sustainability Farming

Wheal Plenty had a great time today at Mr Hanley's family in-law's farm! 
They learnt about sustainability farming, ecology and got plenty of good old, Cornish fresh air!!

A visit from Flicka

Today the year 1 children from Wheal Harmony and Wheal Unity had a visit from the Flicka Foundation . The Flicka Foundation donkey sanctuary is a charity that looks after the donkeys. Today we learnt lots of interesting facts and everyone had a go at learning how to brush a donkey and look after their coat. 

Cat Welfare

As part of their ‘Animal Allsorts’ topic, year 1 had a visit from Sarah who volunteers for Cat’s Protection. She spoke to the children about cat welfare and some very interesting facts!

Understanding the Science

Once Wheal Busy had visited the Geothermal Plant, Suzy (a geologist) visited to play a game with the children so they could better understand the science that is used to generate energy from the earth. It was a fun game that helped everyone to understand what they had seen in the morning. 

Geothermal Project

Last Thursday Wheal Busy visited the Geothermal project at United Downs to find out how they are going to generate electricity from the heat that comes from the earth. They saw some enormous pieces of machinery. Can you work out what some of these pictures show? Can you estimate how deep into the ground they have drilled?

The Caterpillars have arrived

So the caterpillars have arrived in Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly!  There was much excitement this afternoon after the children named their baby caterpillars! 
We can’t wait to watch and see the life cycle process!

Animal Allsorts

Today we launched our topic ‘Animal Allsorts!’ Thank you to those of you who have sent in photos of your child with their pet or favourite animal! We have received some wonderful fact-files and pictures. Here are just a few! We are very excited for this topic. Children will be writing their own animal riddles using scientific facts. We also have some special visitors lined up to come in and speak to the children.

Plant Investigations

Wheal Harmony are carrying out their own plant investigations and learning about what plants need to grow. Next week they will be taking home some of the seeds they have planted.

Feeling the Force

Wheal Bunnie have been feeling the force to explore how magnetic forces work. In the next 3 weeks they will be looking at magnetic and non-magnetic materials and different poles in magnets ready to make our magnetic game. 

A visit from Western Power Distribution

Today Wheal Busy were visited by Ruth from @WesternPowerDistribution to deepen their science learning about electricity. She taught them how to stay safe around electricity and showed them how their learning about conductors and insulators keep electricians and us all safe.


Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have been thoroughly enjoying their latest book, Supertato! They’ve written wanted posters (to try and catch Evil Pea), they’ve investigated ice and jelly and they have even had a go at making traps to catch this.

A Visit to Peninsula Dental School

Wheal Busy had an amazing morning at the Peninsula Dental School trying their hand at dentistry and building on their amazing learning about teeth. We have loads of great photos and videos that we will share over the next few days. The dental students and staff all commented on all of the children's fantastic knowledge and behaviour. Well done Wheal Busy.

Visit to the Planetarium 

Year 6 went to Redruth School today to use their Planetarium. They loved it.

The Learning Dip

Wheal Busy were (deliberately) placed in the "learning dip" this afternoon when they were given some equipment and no instructions and asked to make a bulb light up. As well as tackling the challenge the children reflected on how they were feeling and how they got out of the dip. Good suggestions were: use what you already know; try a different way; work with your partner; stay calm and persevere.

Don't forget to brush your teeth

This morning, when you've finished your breakfast, don't forget to brush your teeth! What a fantastic reminder Wheal Busy have produced here with their app!

Animal Skeletons

James showing the class skeletons of animals - skulls, teeth and spine. Pupils discussed what ancestor line they may have been linked to

Science in Wheal Fortune

Science in Wheal Fortune: collecting samples for a herbarium (as Charles Darwin did) and beginning to make observations, record details and categorise.

A Visit from Peninsula Dental School

Wheal Busy were visited by Wendy from the Peninsula Dental school. The session helped the children learn about the science of teeth and how to care for them, in order to be more healthy.