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Den Building

In Wheal Busy's outdoor learning, everyone built a den but with a difference. The first group built a den and then left it for the next group to modify and so on until every group had had a turn. This challenged some of us who felt our design should have been left as it was but everyone managed their feelings in an appropriate way. Den building also encourages good communication and teamwork.

Outdoor Learning

Yesterday, Wheal Busy had a fantastic morning of outdoor learning. These photos show children completely engrossed in observational drawing. As well as art skills, this activity encourages children to slow down, be mindful and take notice of the world around them.

Experience Harvest

Today Wheal Busy visited the church to take part in Experience Harvest. They learned about five key parts of this festival by listening to parishioners and taking part in craft activities. Ms Middleton was very impressed with the way the children showed respect to the church members and the church building. Well done Wheal Busy

Murdoch Day Parade

Preparations are well under-way in Reception for the Murdoch Day parade! Thank you for the newspapers! 

How to be Healthy

Key Stage 1 had two very special visitors at their assembly. Isabelle and Edie from Wheal Busy came to talk to them about how to be healthy and to invite them to the healthy living club that they are going to run after half term. Lots of children were interested in joining the club and the girls are looking forward to welcoming their members after half term. We are so proud to have such confident pupils who want to volunteer and help the younger children.

An Eventful Afternoon

Wow!  What an amazing afternoon! A big thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their riddles to you all (hopefully you were all able to solve these! We were blown away by the fantastic support and we have managed to raise almost £75.00! This is incredible and the children will be extremely happy about this. We look forward to contacting both Cats Protection: Cornwall Adoption Centre and The Flicka Foundation to see how our donation will be able to help. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

Maths Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, Wheal Lovely & Wheal Friendly completed a maths challenge! 
The children had to try and find a partner who they didn't usually work with and together they had to make a paper chain caterpillar. They had a time limit and when the time was up they compared their creatures! 
There was a big discussion about why some were longer than others and then they counted the links and measured to find out who had made the longest caterpillar. This was also a great test of teamwork! 
It was a close call but well done to Lydia & Tabitha who made a 58 link paper chain caterpillar!

Year 6 Pre-SAT's Breakfast

Chilled breakfast this morning - we think they have hollow legs! 

Calm Club

Today in Calm Club we have been thinking about different ways to keep ourselves calm. 
Doodling and drawing was one of the suggested ways, so we tried it, with some calming music too!

A visit from Western Power Distribution

Today Wheal Busy were visited by Ruth from @WesternPowerDistribution to deepen their science learning about electricity. She taught them how to stay safe around electricity and showed them how their learning about conductors and insulators keep electricians and us all safe

A Visit to Peninsula Dental School

Wheal Busy had an amazing morning at the Peninsula Dental School trying their hand at dentistry and building on their amazing learning about teeth. We have loads of great photos and videos that we will share over the next few days. The dental students and staff all commented on all of the children's fantastic knowledge and behaviour. Well done Wheal Busy.