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Spoken Language


Spoken Language at Treleigh CP School


Research has found:


  • 75% of a child’s brain growth has occurred by the age of 2.
  • By 22 months a child’s development can predict outcomes at the age of 26.
  • 50-90% of children with persistent speech, language and communication needs go on to have reading difficulties.
  • 66% of 7-14 year olds with serious behavioural problems have language impairment.
  • 60% of people in young offender’s institutions have communication difficulties. 


Our nature of our enquiry led curriculum places speaking and listening skills are at the core.  Pupils are encouraged to listen, learn and challenge ideas of others. Talk partners are used extensively throughout the school, together with a range of planned learning opportunities that encourage pupils to explore language e.g. role play, drama activities, group discussion, hot seating.


Our pupils need lots of opportunities to speak and listen. This is especially true of pupils with special educational needs (SEND) and/or pupils with English as an additional language (EAL). Within every day teaching, we use a range of resources to support communication e.g. visuals, word banks, sentence stems, working walls.

For those children who are identified as requiring additional support with their speech and language skills we offer a range of support from Reception to Y6.  In our reception classes all of the staff are trained to deliver The Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme (NELI). This is a 20 week intervention programme to help children to overcome language difficulties. For further information see below:

Additionally, we have our own Speech and Language LSA in school, who works on a 1:1 basis with specific children from Reception to Y6.  Mrs Murphy is a Level 3 trained Speech and Language support worker, who is able to deliver tailored provision in school every afternoon where needed.


No Pens Wednesday

No Pens Day Wednesday is an annual day dedicated to speaking and understanding language that takes place in schools, colleges and early years settings across the country.  At Treleigh, we look forward to this event each year. The whole school celebrate the benefits of developing skills and language skills which are fundamental to everything we do.


By putting down your pens and shouting out about speaking and understanding skills, you can:


  • Develop pupils’ speaking and understanding skills
  • Develop staff’s understanding of speaking and understanding skills and embed them into your curriculum
  • Try out new teaching approaches and engage pupils in exciting pens-free activities
  • Identify pupils who need additional support to develop their speaking and understanding skills

No Pens Wednesday – 24th November 2021

Wheal Rose's Literacy & Maths Groups

The children in Wheal Rose’s literacy and maths groups have had a great morning of learning without using a pencil!

We learned how to hold a debate in literacy and used our problem solving and map reading skills in maths, to find the hidden treasure.
What a super start to the day! More photos from other classes to follow.

No Pens Wednesday – 24th November 2021

No Pens Wednesday Maths Action in Year 6

No pens Wednesday maths action in Year 6. Dividing fractions by whole numbers: investigating the process using Cuisenaire rods. By the end of the lesson pupils had worked out that ‘to divide a fraction by a whole number simply multiply the denominator by the whole and slide the numerator across,’ doing a fantastic job. Mr Russell couldn’t believe his eyes!

No Pens Wednesday – 24th November 2021

Wheal Bunnie

Wheal Bunnie had lots of fun for No Pens Wednesday. We even recorded a podcast of our knowledge from last term’s topic!

No Pens Wednesday – 24th November 2021

Miss Philpott’s Maths lesson

In Miss Philpott’s maths lesson today, as part of our Mastering Number activity, we were focussing on the number 9 and using the counters to find number bonds that total 9. Mrs Williams’ group focussed on their fluency of the number bonds to 10, using the iPads. The children enjoyed creating the odd and even Numberblocks with the cubes and also talking through number problems and creating number sentences using the tens frames.

No Pens Wednesday – 24th November 2021
Miss Philpott’s Literacy Group
Key Stage 1 had a great #nopenswednesday!
Miss Philpott’s Literacy group really enjoyed retelling the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ (See video in comments) They also ‘Hot seated’ the different characters from the story.
Mrs. Williams’ group focussed on drama and how we can tell a story using no props, just our facial expressions and dialogue