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At Treleigh the children will be taught to develop a neat, legible script through regular handwriting lessons from Reception to Year 6. It is our aim to provide a balanced and continuous teaching programme for handwriting.

Handwriting is initially taught alongside phonics, following the Read Write Inc, a literacy programme developed by Ruth Miskin. There are regular timetabled slots for handwriting to ensure that children build up their handwriting skills every day. Handwriting is a physical process and should be enjoyable from the start, so children see themselves as ‘writers’. We use mnemonics, memory pictures to help children visualise the letter or join before they write it down

In stage 1, children will practise correct letter formation and they will learn where to place the letters on the writing line. In stage 2, Children learn a mature style of writing that will lead to joined-up writing. In stage 3, children will learn basic handwriting joins.


From year 1 onwards, children will also follow the Penpals scheme for handwriting. Penpals offers clear progression for handwriting through five developmental stages. It teaches children a fast and fluent handwriting style to help them achieve their potential in writing.


At Treleigh, all children have the opportunity to write in pen for English and other topic related writing as this supports children with developing writing fluency. Pens will be allocated to children who are deemed as ready for their Treleigh Pen Licence. 


Handwriting position

Teach children that when you use the handwriting signal they automatically go into the perfect

handwriting position:

• feet flat on the floor

 bottom at the back of the chair

• body one fist from the table

• shoulders down and relaxed

• back leaning forward slightly

• left/right hand holding the page

• left/right hand ready in a tripod grip – click here to see how to teach a child the correct pen grip

For further information on supporting your child with their handwriting the teachhandwriting website hosts a wealth of information.
Our Writing Skills Progression document, which includes handwriting, can be viewed on the Writing Overview section of the website.

Well Done Everyone!

Wheal Fortune’s first run of pen licenses. Always joined and consistent in size. Well done everyone!