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Who Am I?

Wheal Bunnie have had a busy few weeks in literacy! We have immersed ourselves in our new model text. Then today we explored adjectives, using the game ‘Who am I?’ to help with our descriptions.



Our Maps to get to Grandma's House

Today EYFS were Geographers! We looked at a variety of different maps and learnt how to get information from them using the symbols and keys. We linked this to our Traditional Tales topic and took a walk outside to plan our own maps to get to Grandma's house like in Little Red Riding Hood. We discussed the human and physical features around us and the children used great directional language

The Housing Crisis

Darcie from Wheal Fortune felt passionate about the housing crisis and decided to write to the council for our persuasive letter writing. Excitingly, her and a few friends were invited to Cormac to find out what plans are in place. They had meetings, met councillors and toured planned venues to alleviate the problem. A great morning and one which shows the power of the persuasive letter!

Non-chronological Report

The Wheal Unity literacy group enjoyed reading a non-chronological report and identifying the features this morning in their lesson.

Debates and Balanced Arguments

Today Wheal Busy began learning about debates and balanced arguments. They used the string to make sure the debate, “Should animals be kept in zoos?” kept moving from the “for” side to the “against” side. The children also used sentence starters to help them use formal language and to introduce their opinions.

Making their own Motte and Bailey castles

Wheal Plenty’s English group have been writing instructions as Historians after designing and making their own Motte and Bailey castles.

A Parcel from Florida

The children in Mrs Winnan’s literacy group were very excited to receive a parcel in the post which had travelled over 4,000 miles from Florida to reach them!! Inside was a challenge to learn about a contrasting continent through poetry. Mrs Winnan is extremely proud of their reading progress and delighted to hear such superb deeper thinking circulating the room. Well done everyone! They are looking forward to opening the mystery parcel at the end of their topic! 



Sending Letters to Bristol

Today Wheal Harmony and Wheal Unity are writing letters to another year 1 class in Bristol! They are very excited to write their letters. This was a message from the year 1 teacher at Victoria Park Primary School in Bristol.


The Wheal Unity literacy group are really enjoying their new text, Beegu!
The children have only heard a small part of the story so far but they have done a fantastic job of describing and acting out some of the emotions Beegu might be going through.

The Rainbow Bear

The Wheal Unity literacy group are really enjoying their story, The Rainbow Bear. They loved taking part in some role-play today and they predicted what may happen next in the story.


Once upon a time

Wow! What a morning KS1 had today! As a launch to their new topic, Once Upon a Time, the children from years 1 & 2 were summoned to the Barn to investigate a crime scene! There was a big mess and lots of clues to be found, which led the children to discover that the Big Bad Wolf had been in our school! What an exciting beginning to our next topic...

Exploring Newspapers

Wheal Bunnie have been busy exploring newspapers recently. There were lots of inky fingers!

Role Play

This morning in literacy, Mrs Wheeler's group role played Mrs Lightfoot, appealing to the judge to give her husband a fair sentence. Each group had two Mrs Lightfoots - one who spoke informally and the other who spoke formally. Which way do you think she should speak to the judge?

Chinese New Year

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly have been learning about Chinese New Year. We each wrote a New Year’s wish and hung it on our wishing tree. We talked about how Chinese New Year wishes are similar to us making New Year’s resolutions.

Book Look

Just a few photographs from our ‘book look’ open afternoon!
Thank you so much to everyone who came along.


The Wheal Unity literacy group are really enjoying their new text, Beegu!
The children have only heard a small part of the story so far but they have done a fantastic job of describing and acting out some of the emotions Beegu might be going through.

Alternative Santa by Roger McGough

As part of their work on poetry, Mrs Wheeler's literacy group learned the poem Alternative Santa by Roger McGough. Each group decided how to present and perform their verse. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Christmas everyone!


Wanted Posters

Today in class, the children have been writing wanted posters to find the cheeky gingerbread people and designing their own gingerbread characters. Keep a look out for anything suspicious you may see around the school!

The Cheeky Gingerbread People

Wheal Harmony have been writing about how they could capture the cheeky gingerbread people!

More Magical Mischief is Happening in the School

More magical mischief is happening in the school! Today in Wheal Harmony a trail of cookie crumbs led to the discovery of an invasion of gingerbread people!!!

Cheeky Reindeer

Huge excitement in Wheal Rose this morning! You would not believe what our CCTV footage shows from last night!! We had a visit from these cheeky reindeer, who made a huge mess and left us with a very important job to do! We are now busy writing our letters to Santa, who we expect will be back to collect them in person before the end of the week.

'The Song of the Witches’ from Shakespeare’s Macbeth

The Wheal Rose literacy group shared their wonderful versions of ‘The Song of the Witches’ from Shakespeare’s Macbeth on Friday. They performed them in the round and showcased their learning using rhyme, alliteration and superb vocabulary choices. Well done everyone!

How to Perform Poetry

As an introduction to writing poems, Wheal Bunnie’s literacy class have been learning how to perform poetry. They all performed beautifully, thinking about the tone of their voice and their actions. Well done!

A Fun Filled Christmas Morning

Wheal Lovely and Friendly have had a fun filled Christmas morning. We have been writing postcards to our friends and posting them in our class post box, helping winter animals break free from ice, mark making Santa’s sleigh tracks in sand, thinking about what we like about Christmas using the Curiosity cube and finding our cheeky class elf!

A Visit to the Post Box

An exciting visit to the post box this afternoon for Wheal Harmony & Wheal Unity!
The children have worked hard to write letters to Father Christmas this week and they were excited to send them off today!

Letters for Santa

Wheal Lovely and Friendly have had a festive week. They were really excited to post their letters off to Santa!

 Acting Out Different Adjectives

The Wheal Bunnie Literacy class have been busy this week learning our new text. One activity involved acting out different adjectives, thinking about how we can use our body language to present character. We had lots of interesting acting!

Writing Poems

Some amazing thinking, talking and writing work went on in the Wheal Unity literacy group today! The children are really enjoying learning a little bit about Macbeth and they cannot wait to start writing their own poems, using rhyming couplets!

Arguing Both Sides of the Point

Today each of us were given a topic and we had to argue both sides of the point. Our topics were: "Some countries have banned fireworks. Why have they done this and should our country follow this law?" & "Should Halloween be banned? Discuss."
First we had time to prepare our speech and then we presented to the rest of the group.

Our Work is on Display in Truro Museum

During half term, Georgia visited the museum in Truro to see work that she and her classmates completed in the summer term when they were in year 4. The writing discussing the question, ‘Were the Dark Ages Really Dark?’ is on display in a special cabinet with an authentic illuminated manuscript. Everyone is welcome to go along and visit but as you can see year 5, if you visit and tell the staff that it is your work they might even let you take a photograph with your writing. The display will be on show for the next few weeks. Mrs Wheeler thinks the display looks amazing and is very proud of your hard work

Class Knockouts

After six weeks of learning seventeen topic related words from the year three and four word list flowed by class knockouts, today was the inaugural Barn Spelling Bee. We are pleased to announce that Lucas, Owen and Matilda were the winners for their classes and that on this occasion Matilda was the overall winner. Further congratulations to NJ, Brandon and Logan T who were the most improved in each class. Most children also improved on their baseline test so were awarded merits. All round a super spelling success!

Early Morning Storytelling and Treats

On Tuesday this week, Mrs Wheeler's literacy group were delighted to welcome their families to early morning story telling and treats. They had worked so hard writing their stories, redrafting them and copying them in neat. Our visitors, gave fantastic feedback about the children's creative ideas, vocabulary, presentation and expressive reading. Well done everyone - Mrs Wheeler is very proud of you!

Wheal Bunnie's literacy group

Wheal Bunnie’s literacy group have been very excited editing their work with their partners this week, ready to read to the parents on Thursday.

Storytelling and Hot Chocolate

Wow! The parents of the children in Mrs Wheeler's reading group are in for a treat tomorrow when they come to hear the stories that have been written this half term. Please arrive at school at your usual time but come through the main doors where Mrs Bruce will let you in for storytelling and hot chocolate. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Miming Adverbs

Wheal Rose had great fun with grammar today! We were miming adverbs to use in our story writing linked to Oliver Twist. ‘Anxiously’, ‘inquisitively’ and ‘tentatively’ have been added to our Wonder Words display. We can’t wait to start writing!

Plague Doctor 

Enter text...Wheal Plenty had a special visitor to help inspire them with their planning for their writing - a Plague Doctor! He rang the bell shouting, "Bring out your Dead!"
Fascinating to hear what we believed in in the seventeenth century!

Making Subordinating Conjunction Dice

Mrs Winnan’s literacy group have been busy making subordinating conjunction dice, to help them write super complex sentences. We can’t wait to get ‘rolling them’ into our writing!

Animal Riddles

Have a listen to some of our animal riddles that we have written today in Wheal Harmony. We are so impressed with the scientific facts that they have included in the riddles.

KS2 Spelling Bee Champion

We are proud to announce that James in Y4 is this years KS2 Spelling Bee champion! He made an incredibly brave performance alongside the runners up, Poppy (y6), Liam (y5) and Maia (y3). A huge congratulations to all and thank you for all your help supporting such an exciting event at home. Until next year....keep spelling.

Infant Spelling Bee Champion

Congratulations to our new infant spelling bee champion - Matilda (YR1)!!! The competition was extremely fierce and we would like to extend our huge congratulations to our runners up, Tiberius and Billy! We are looking forward to announcing the KS2 winner tomorrow!

Good luck to all our infant finalists in the Spelling Bee Competition tomorrow!

Good luck to all our infant finalists in the Spelling Bee tomorrow. It has been a highly competitive competition so far and the standard is incredibly high! We look forward to announcing the winner tomorrow. Good luck everyone! 

Just A Reminder

A reminder that tomorrow is the last day for Readathon sponsor money to be handed in to your child's class teacher. Please put all money in a named envelope with the sponsor card. Thank you again for all your support with the Readathon. We are looking forward to revealing a spectacular grand total really soon.

Reading Suspense Stories by Torchlight

Wheal Busy came back to school this evening to read their amazing suspense stories to their families in the dark by torchlight. We hope you can see from the photos that everyone had a great time. 

Suspense Stories

A busy morning in Wheal Busy reading examples of suspense writing and "mag-pieing" powerful words, rhetorical questions and empty words to help write our own suspense stories

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Wheal Busy enjoyed sharing their versions of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with their families. Thank you for coming everyone.

Titanic Diaries

The children in Mrs Winnan’s literacy group enjoyed sharing their Titanic Diaries this afternoon with their families. The children should be extremely proud of their work and they thoroughly deserve their half term break after all their hard work. Their incredible writing will now be sent to the Maritime Museum.

Our Stories

We have been working so hard on the final copies of our stories. We think they are looking fantastic. We cannot wait to share them with our parents