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Pros and Cons of Whole and Processed Food

This afternoon Year 5 & 6 came together to learn about the pros and cons of whole and processed food. They then sampled a home made soup and a processed one. The home made one surprised everyone by being the most popular so everyone worked together to make some more and practised their slicing and dicing skills at the same time. The second batch was just as delicious and now the whole phase has been challenged to design packaging to promote this new soup “Mr Hanley’s Farm Soup” so that year 3 and 4 children want to eat it! Watch this space.

Investigating Cams

Design and technology in Wheal Plenty. Investigating cams (linked to science, forces) whilst using the school’s laser cutter through the Xtool programme.

Our First Session Using the New Laser Cutter

Today Wheal Fortune had ago at using the brand new laser cutter which the school bought using a donation of £1000, which was kindly given to Treleigh School by Watson Marlow in Falmouth. All the children were so excited to be the first to use it in the school and to experiment what they were able to make with it and use it for. They were taught how to use it safely and why using the correct PPE was of great importance.

The children decided to incorporate using the laser cutter, when making 'Fathers Day Cards'.

This will certainly help the children when they move onto secondary school with Design Technology and Art. They will have had a head start on understanding how the software works with the laser cutter and how to program it to design their own projects.

A big thank you to Watson Marlow for making this all possible!

A Parade of Recycled Fashion Garments
The Upper Key Stage 2 phase: Wheal Fortune, Wheal Plenty and Wheal Raven, had a great afternoon parading their recycled fashion garments up and down the Treleigh Catwalk!
A lot of hard work both individually and collaboratively went into their designs, so it was fantastic to celebrate all together!
Gardening Club
Gardening club was a hive of activity this week for soil week. We have weeded, turned coffee granules (kindly donated by Starbucks) into the soil and put the garden to bed for winter. We are still going to be busy each week preparing for the spring and joining the RHS School Gardening Scheme where we are aiming for a level 5 award.

Jo Lumber from Falmouth Art Gallery

Wheal Lovely and Wheal Friendly were visited by Jo Lumber from Falmouth Art Gallery today who leads the storytelling programme 'Tell Us A Story'. Jo worked with each class on our story of the week 'The Three Little Pigs', where they worked in collaboration to re-tell the story and worked together to represent the main parts of the story through art with a focus on language and vocabulary.
In class we followed our predictions from earlier in the week to test which of the three little pigs houses would be the strongest. The children worked in groups to build a house of straw, a house of sticks and a house of bricks and tested which one the big bad wolf could huff and puff down.