Community Primary School

Treleigh, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 4AY

01209 216600

At Treleigh School, staff and pupils follow ‘The Treleigh Way’ principles which are taught explicitly in all classes.


In each of our classrooms, children earn tokens towards their chosen ‘Treleigh Way’ principle. These tokens are displayed and celebrated.



Once a class fills a value to the top of the tube, they are awarded a class Treleigh Way star, which is added to our whole school display in the hall. Stars are regularly celebrated with an aspirational drive for the whole school to collectively earn all of their stars.



At Treleigh School we have a commitment to promoting positive behaviour and work hard to create an environment where positive behaviour and social responsibility is encouraged by reinforcement and praise; this approach helps to raise the child’s self-esteem and promotes self-discipline. ‘The Treleigh Way’, drives this ethos effectively and supports our overall curriculum pillars of:




                                                    THRIVE                     RESPECT                     EMPOWER