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An Evening of Training for the Staff 

The staff enjoyed some fantastic training this evening, with a writing focus. It's been great working with Mitch Grammarsaurus so far. We're looking forward to some more CPD tomorrow, thank you!

Letter Writing

Pupils in Wheal Fortune wrote letters to environmental charities as part of our learning based on the enquiry ManKIND?  Replies soon began to filter in with the charities impressed with what had been written.

Posting their Letters to their Chosen Environmental Charities

To conclude a fantastic 'ManKind?' Curriculum Enquiry Unit, Wheal Fortune and Wheal Plenty posted their letters to their chosen environmental charities. We hope to receive responses from them soon.


Last half term as part of their curriculum enquiry ‘ManKind?’ the Year 5 and Year 6 children wrote formal letters raising their own concerns about the affect of climate change. Today we were amazed to have had some replies into school - one of which was from SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH himself! James and Tyler were delighted to receive their personal responses from such a well-respected figurehead.